One on One Tutoring

If your student has taken the exam and has a goal of reaching a score in the 30’s, then this class is designed for them. 

Often times one point could be standing in the way of a full-tuition or merit based scholarship, and this only adds extra pressure on a student who normally does well in the classroom. This class is a series of one-on-one tutoring sessions with your son/daughter. 

The students have access to all tutors to work on their Math, Science, and English & Reading sections of the test. Prior to these classes, the Education Director will analyze your student’s test results to determine strengths and weaknesses in each subsection. 

A personalized Bright Flight Class will then be designed to give your student one hour with each tutor for each section of the exam. 

Dates and times will be worked out between the student and the tutors. With this kind of one-on-one mentoring, your student is destined to raise his/her score and hopefully bring home those much-anticipated and needed merit-based scholarships.


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