Testimonials & References

Have you ever said to yourself, "There is no way." We did. We found ourselves financially in debt at a time when our son was ready to go to college.
Educational Funding was our answer. Because of Greg, our son is now attending Palm Beach Atlantic University. He made us realize that we could afford our sons dream university without going broke in the process. In addition to helping our son raise his ACT score and qualify for the financial assistance we needed to afford college, Educational Funding helped us get ourselves back on track financially so we could be debt free, start putting money away for our own retirement, and have no big college loans for us to be paying off years to come after our sons graduation.

Each step of the way Greg was always there to hold our hand and lead us in the right direction, all the while making us feel cared for in such a special way like being part of the family. The sincerity and dedication that Greg and his staff bring to the table shows in their ability to deal with all of our questions that we had along the way, which gave us the confidence, support, and peace of mind that everything was being handled promptly, correctly, and professionally from start to finish.

Ron & Jane A. Parents of North County Christian Graduate


"Scott & Greg Rupp (Educational Funding & Financial Aid Specialists Owners) were absolute lifesavers. We didn't have a clue on the college process and they helped us with everything from organizing our finances to pay for college, to handling all of the financial aid forms, scholarship opportunities, ACT test preparation and much more! They were available 24-7 to answer our questions and guide us through the entire process. We couldn't have done it without them and would recommend them for any family considering sending their children to college. Thanks guys!"

Liz & John C. Parents of Fort Zumwalt West HS Graduate


I feel the time and energy I would have to put into researching colleges, funding, grants and application processes, why not cut those steps in half and go to someone who does it for a living. Scott & Greg have great resources to work with and like what they do. I want my daughters to have the best start in life and I feel working with Educational Funding & Financial Aid Specialists will help start that process.

John S. Parent of Francis Howell Graduate


We fell hiring Educational Funding & Financial Aid Specialists is one of the best decisions we've made towards our kids college future. We have told many of our co-workers and friends about your services. Some have younger children, some older- but they are very impressed with our knowledge in such a short time of the college preparation necessary, and we can only thank you both for that.

We both felt very uncertain how and where to begin this college business and your company has come to our rescue. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You're making it easy. We tell everyone we know when the subject comes up about finances and college readiness about your company. You're a GOD Send!

Dottie H Parent of  Francis Howell Graduate


Having the services of Greg & Scott behind us was one of the best financial decisions we have made. They are truly willing to take time and sit down and explain in detail the college funding process. The end result is that they alleviate much of the worry and pressure of putting your child through college.

Russ H. Parent of  Francis Howell Graduate


Without Scott & Greg's help I would not have let my son apply to St. Louis University due to the cost. Now, not only will he be attending St. Louis University but at a minimal cost to me. They reminded me of all the important deadlines and had the forms ready for my signature. They took the Fear and anxiety out of the application process. They have helped me make my son's dream of becoming a professional pilot a reality.

Lorna J. Parent of Fort Zumwalt South Graduate


Finding out about Educational Funding Services was one of the best things that ever happened to our family. Our only regret is that we discovered this amazing aid so late as parent of a senior, we found ourselves behind but EFFAS did everything possible to get us ahead. Our daughter raised her ACT score with help from prep classes and she was awarded the maximum amount of money for college thanks to their financial aid and scholarship searches. We would highly recommend Educational Funding services to any parent.

Barb and Jimmie Corbin Fort Zumwalt South HS


We have been extremely pleased with Educational Funding’s services. They helped narrow down the college search lists to an institution that best fit our children’s needs. We are extremely pleased to learn this year that they are able to fill out our child’s college apps also. What a relief!
This whole college experience doesn’t have to be a nightmare when all you have to do is pick up the phone and call Educational Funding Specialists. Out daughter was able to take advantage of the many scholarships that were made available to her and our son is now benefiting from the tutoring sessions. We very much enjoy the Newsletters showing how this service has grown and continues to find new ways to help college bound students and their parents.

With Educational Funding’s financial guidance and advice, we were able to maximize financial assistance through the university that our child selected.

Dorothy and Terry Harms Francis Howell HS


The team at Educational Funding and Financial Aid Specialists has provided me with the knowledge to position my finances so that I can pay for my three kid’s college education. I feel comfortable with the plan that Greg has compiled for my situation as a single parent to ensure that my EFC will be the lowest possible and to ensure that I meet all of the college requirements and to take advantage of all of the resources to provide a college education to my kids.
They have given me a wealth of information regarding Financial Aid, ACT scores, scholarships, college choices, etc. My second child, Cara spent a lot of time with Melissa performing college searches to help her define her interests, attending the ACT prep classes to help increase her test scores and testing skills. Cara discussed her college options, as she was unsure for some time on final specifics where she was going to attend. Melissa helped guide Cara on the application process and compiling her profile/resume for handoff to all of the colleges she applied to, ensuring to meet all of the deadlines and stay on top of all of the requirements. As a result, Cara received an impressive acceptance package with scholarships from a local St. Louis University. She will be starting her first year fall 2005 and is looking forward to her next level of education and her future.

My youngest child Erin, a junior in high school is starting her visits with the EFFAS team and is working towards the same goals as her older sister. She wants to start her ACT prep classes this fall and has worked with Melissa to compile a list of colleges that match her interest. We will be planning visits to some of these colleges before the end of the year so that she can narrow her list to concentrate on taking advantage of all of the scholarships, aid and grants available.

I am impressed with the knowledge and the attention that the EFFAS team has given to me, and my family. I encourage you to work with the best team that understands all of the advantages on how to pay for college and meeting all of the deadlines for college requirements.

Kaye Sassenrath


I am so satisfied with the services offered by Educational Funding and Financial Aid Specialists (EFFAS) that I do not hesitate to recommend them to friends, co-workers, and acquaintances. EFFAS has been helpful with all aspects of the college process. The years leading up to college can be hectic and it is helpful to have such professionals providing personal attention to guide you through the process.

Initially, my primary concern was the financial aspect. EFFAS assisted me by formulating a plan to pay for college, working through the financial aid process in a timely manner to maximize the chance of receiving aid, and applying for scholarships.

EFFAS was equally helpful with the college selection and admission process. EFFAS is there to help meet those important deadlines.

It is nice to know that my daughter is enrolled at the school of her choice and there is a plan in place to pay for it.

Tom Smith Duchesne HS


As parents of 16-year-old twins we were searching for advice financially as well as college selection assistance. EFFAS is assisting us with both of our needs! We are looking forward to our involvement with EFFAS to find the best college suited for each of our children and to help make their choices a reality!

Janet and Alan Zoelzer Fort Zumwalt South HS


We knew we wanted our girls to attend college. I had finished my bachelor’s degree when the girls were 10 and 7 years old. I worked full time and attended college at night. It was very difficult, but I was determined to finish my degree. I did not want my daughters to have to attend college this way. Since then, having my bachelor’s degree has allowed me to achieve and be considered for job options that without it, I do not know if it would have been possible. We have always encouraged and promoted the idea of college in our home since the girls were little. In the new economic times, women make up more than half the work force, and are gaining positions that are more prominent. We value the advantages that a bachelor’s degree can make available in tough economic times.

My oldest daughter had taken the ACT test in 7th grade for the first time. Soon after that, we received many flyers for planning and financial seminars. We had attended a few of these programs, usually at a local hotel. They proposed that all of us could have a college education for free! But they were a little short on details. However, they wanted a whole lot of money. The fact that many of the planners were not local, they traveled from state to state, made us very skeptical. We walked away feeling like we had just spent 3 hours with a high-pressure sales person.

When we saw that the Educational Funding and Financial Aid Specialists were have a free seminar at our local library, we decided to try it one more time. Gregg Rupp was the speaker. He was very approachable, sincere and did not try to sell us anything. He was very informative about the facts of college costs, and the difficulty in trying to figure out things like scholarship money, filing deadlines, college essay and more. He was not presenting a huge slide show or promising the moon; but that he could help the families realistically plan their children’s college future. We felt we finally had found a college financial company with our goals in mind.

We met with Greg Rupp soon after the seminar. In our discussion, he answered our questions and concerns. He worked with us to help develop a financial plan that would not deplete our retirement plans, our bank account and force us to take on two jobs. He took our information and developed a plan that was tailor make for us. At last, we felt we just might be able to achieve our goal and send our girls to college.

Part of Educational Funding and Financial Aid Specialists program include several programs. We worked with Melissa Gould. She helped our daughter narrow down her career goal with an interest inventory survey, determined where she wanted to attend college, and investigated the different colleges and their specific admission requirements and admissions process. She highlights several different scholarships and their deadlines. We felt so relieved to have this done for us. We knew we did not have the time or know how to get this accomplished.

She helped us tremendously with keeping our objectives in sight. She helped us with the college admissions process. In addition, believe me, it is a process. We would have been lost without her help. Our daughter signed up for the ACT prep class. This program improved her ACT score by 3 points.

We have called their office many times with different requests. They have always appreciated the questions we had and are very prompt to call back. I have their email address saved to my computer. This makes it easy to communicate while we are working. We feel, that our money has been well spent.

In going through this process, it has had a positive impact on my daughter, who is a senior this year. She has been a part of this process since the beginning. It has taken the stress level off of her, because she know she is going to college, knows what career she wants and that the admission process, and FAFSA forms will be handled without worry. Therefore, she can relax during her senior year and we can as well. We have a second daughter, who will be a 2007 graduate—Greg and Melissa will be helping us again.

Randy and Laura Staub Francis Howell North HS


We began working with EFFAS in August 2003 when our son was beginning his Senior Year of High School. I attended one of their free seminars on “How to send your child to college without going broke!” The seminar was very informational! We always received the best of service from Scott, Greg, & Melissa regarding college searches, admission applications, and financial aid forms. However, I think that the greatest benefit we received from their firm was the ACT Prep Classes. Our son, Andrew, took his first ACT test in December 2002 and his score was 23. He attended and ACT Prep Class retook the ACT test in October 2003 and his score was 25! He then took the Advanced Prep Class. Since his goal was to get a score of 30, but did get a 28! We were all very happy! He felt these Prep Classes set for the week before the ACT test helped him considerably.

This past summer, we also took advantage of the five free hours of tutoring that EFFAS would provide for another member of our family. Our daughter who was entering 6th Grade was having problems in Math. Private tutoring sessions were arranged for her. They helped boost her confidence and she picked up some helpful pointers that will assist her in 6th Grade.

Everyone at EFFAS is so friendly and they have made the college experience less scary for us “first-timers”!!

Joyce and Daniel Corns Winfield R-IV HS


My husband and I were overwhelmed with the large amounts of paperwork that needed to be completed and the numerous deadlines that had to be met in preparation for our daughter’s entrance into college. The staff at Educational Funding came to our rescue. They eliminated our stress and anxiety by effectively and efficiently handling our questions and ensuring that we met all of the necessary deadlines well in advance. Educational Funding did what they do best—planned for our future.

Karen Noto Duchesne HS