Scholarship Services

Our Financial Aid Specialists work with families to get their Expected Family Contribution (EFC) at the lowest figure possible.
At the same time, our Education Director is working on finding more money for your student through private scholarships. Your student will receive
assistance with filling out applications, writing winning essays, and meeting deadlines.

Your student will also attend our Scholarship University.

This seminar will give your student key tips on how to find and attain scholarships. This class will go into detailed discussions on essays and how to write an award winning scholarship entry. A Help Me Afford College Scholarship Handbook will be provided to each student. They can use this to review all the tips learned in the class and to help prioritize scholarship applications and the essays, resumes, and transcripts that they require. Your student also has access to Scholarship Focus sessions with our Education Director to answer questions your student may have.

Another benefit of Help Me Afford College is the Scholarship/Admission Essay Critique Service.

We can provide proofreading and constructive criticism on the essay the students provide. A two-week notice prior to the deadline is required. Our Education Director is also on hand for the parents, providing timely updates and progress reports regarding your student's success during the college selection and scholarship process.

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