Summer Months Provide a Perfect Opportunity to Plan for College 
Local College Funding Expert Outlines the Advantages of Summer Preparation 

June 8, 2005: ST. CHARLES, MO – There are a lot of things on a high school student’s mind when they reach that magical day in late spring- the last day of school. For the next few months, their thoughts will turn to weekends with friends, summer sports leagues, lounging around the house, and earning a few extra bucks at a summer job. According to Educational Funding and Financial Aid Specialists President Greg Rupp, students who plan to attend college should also dedicate some of that time off towards college preparation. 

“It is pretty tempting for students to turn off the ‘school side’ of their brain when the weather gets nice,” Rupp said, “but summertime provides a great opportunity to prepare for college without all of the distractions that plague students during the school year.” 

High school seniors are not the only ones who should make good use of their summer for college preparation. Rupp advises that students begin preparing for college as early as possible in their high school career. High school seniors should be using their summer to finalize their choices, rather than start the preparation process. 

First of all, Rupp said, “Students should plan to take the ACT test over the summer- and any time that they can throughout the year.” He added that while the ACT test is often thought of only as an admissions test, most colleges have a pool of money set aside to attract and award students of high academic achievement. And nothing affects their perception of achievement more than a high ACT score. 

Students should also dedicate a portion of their summer to researching and compiling a list of scholarships that they qualify for. Parents should use the summer months to evaluate and tweak financial plans to accommodate the upcoming expenses associated with college. By getting a head start, you will ensure that you have not overlooked any potential opportunities for your family to minimize your college costs. 

“Summer is also an ideal time for college campus visits,” Rupp said. “Faculty, staff and student tour guides have more time to address your individual questions and help you decide if the school is right for you.” 

While Rupp acknowledges that summer is a well-deserved break for students, he adds that students will benefit greatly from periodically turning on that ‘school side’ of the brain during the summer, to plan for their future. 

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