So Much More than an Admissions Test 
Higher ACT Scores Help Students Secure More Money for College 

June 12, 2005: ST. CHARLES, MO – Students preparing for college understand that the ACT or SAT test can often be the determining factor in their admission to the college of their choice. However, they often overlook what the test can do for them financially when it comes to paying for their education at the college of their dreams. 

Admissions tests have long been an important factor in a student’s acceptance to college. But according to Greg Rupp, President of Educational Funding and Financial Aid Specialists (Educational Funding), more and more families are learning that improved scores, even more so than GPA, can dramatically increase the amount of financial assistance they receive, helping them to afford their child’s college of choice. 

“A simple margin of one point can mean thousands of dollars in financial assistance for families of college-bound children,” Rupp said. “For families struggling to pay for their child’s education, the ACT test should be a definite priority.”

Educational Funding as a St. Charles-based company that specializes in helping families afford college without going broke. To achieve this goal, they offer a number of classes, including classes to help students prepare for the ACT test. Classes are tiered by skill level, with beginners grouped in one class, intermediates in another, and advanced students in yet another. Classes are accessible to the students for each ACT test offering. 

According to Rupp, after working with Educational Funding, students are often able to improve their score by three or more points, which helps them secure sought after grants and scholarships needed to pay for college. 

“We tell families that both parents and students have a responsibility when it comes to paying for college,” Rupp said. “The parents pay for the preparation and out-of-pocket expenses – but it’s the child’s responsibility to prepare for the ACT every time it’s offered, and take the test every time it’s offered. If they truly prepare with us and take the test seriously, they have a great opportunity to increase their scores and earn real money for college.” 

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